Product Specifications

  • Appearance: Silver White liquid metal

  • Density: 6.44 g/cm3 (at 20°C)

  • Melting point: 8°C 

  • Boiling Point: >2200°C 

  • Electrical conductivity: 3.4 X 10 6 S/m (at 20°C)

  • Volatilization rate: <0.001%

  • Thermal Conductivity : 130 W/mK

  • 1-4 Pa.s Viscosity


Our liquid metal thermal compound is %100 MADE IN USA. 

Best Performance guaranteed! 

Higher Viscosity helps Ps5 if you are using vertically

Our formula is %100 safe and has highest thermal conductivity. 

Ready to apply to CPU, GPU, Notebooks and IC chips. 

1.5 and 5 grams of compounds available for sale!

Please contact us for wholesale pricing.